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I also had the chance to work on a few print projects for Soulsville, which again, is a huge honor.

Stax Music Academy European Tour

In 1967, Stax-Volt Records went on a European tour that is considered by soul music fans to be one of the greatest lineups of artists ever to grace the stage. The famous recorded show in Oslo, Norway is still known as one of the greatest soul performances of all time.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of that show, the Stax Music Academy decided to do the same tour, with music from the original lineup, performed by their incredibly talented students. A tour like this needed a poster that would (like the gig itself) pay homage to the past – and, obviously, some T-shirts.

Motown Black & White
Photography Exhibit

This is a poster for a special exhibit at the Stax Museum featuring the extensive photography collection of Al Abrams, the former PR Director of Motown.

All work on this page was created while I was a full-time employee at Ray Rico Freelance.